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About Us

IMN specialises in niche Digital Radio and Podcast audiences.
Across the streaming network we place audio ads throughout your customer's favourite radio stations and podcasts.
Our strategy is inspired by Direct Response Marketing which focuses on Frequency rather than solely impressions.
We focus on delivering results with product and service based public companies.
As IMN we schedule campaigns based on the desired and measurable outcomes of your campaigns. This consists of frequency of your ads, increasing targeted and authentic leads and most importantly sales.

Our Services Include:

  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Acquisition

The companies we work with need to have an understanding of their current cost per lead, their cost per acquisition, target audience and market presence.

It's pivotal that an adwords brand term campaign is running, otherwise your restricting the success of our service.

Our Media Partners

With a combined network of 800,000 active monthly listeners or 1M+ potential audience.

Our Listeners Are Your Next Customers

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