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The Power of the Independent Media Network

The Independent Media Network or IMN is still a super young platform but every week we're growing and expanding partnerships with radio, digital radio and podcasts.

This means that over time our audience base will continue to expand, making our advertising solution for brands continue to get even stronger.

Currently our wide rage of media partners give audio reach of over 500K+ Australian's per month.

IMN's media partnerships includes:


Independent Dance Music Radio - Radio & Digital Radio

Australia’s Premier Dance Music Radio Station. Setting Australia’s dance music agenda for over 25 years. Remains fiercely Independent and Underground. Started in 1994 in Melbourne, Australia with blessings from the then owners and co-bearers of the Underground Dance Music Legacy. KISS FM is internationally recognised as Australia’s go to point for all things dance music related. The KISS audience is acutely aware that our existence is underwritten purely by our mantra to support local and worldwide, live, underground and cutting-edge dance music. Kiss is experienced in an informing way. Both entertaining and educating Australia’s dance music community at the same time. All while achieving commercial results for advertisers.


The Voice of Football in Australia - Digital Radio & Podcast

As the first and only digital radio station/digital media platform that prioritises football every hour every day, FNR is a media game changer for the sport. FNR brings you football news, entertainment, feature interviews as well as player, coach and club education. It is a place where you can discuss and debate issues in football with others who are passionate about the game. FNR is committed to a comprehensive coverage of the whole game. From grassroots to elite football in Australia and overseas, FNR covers it all. FNR is the peoples station so be part of the conversation.


Underground DJ Mixes - Digital Radio & Podcast

LESH FM was created to help DJs in Melbourne, Australia as well as DJs around the world to promote their sound to their current fans and to fans that they didn’t even know they had. LESH FM believe that Australia is missing out on a premium underground radio station, taking inspiration from what we have heard overseas over the years. Australia has had the same radio stations for nearly 30 years and it's time to bring something fresh into the space, something LESH. We want to create a platform that can not only provide you underground sounds but, we also want to bring the night club to your lounge room. LESH FM gives listeners access to a 24 hour alternative radio station that's for everyone. Lovers of music, lovers of mixes, lovers of DJ's or whatever it may be. Djs from around the world are constantly sending in new and fresh mixes to play, so tune in and let the music take you on a vibe journey.


Hip Hop & RnB streaming live 24/7 - Digital Radio Station

Heat Radio's blazing the hottect Hip Hop & RnB tracks from the 90's bangers to todays chart topping heavy hitters, featuring some of Australia's very own urban artists. Listeners can check out the dopest DJs from Australia and around hte world dropping banging mixes every night.


World's Largest Free Book Summary Website - Podcast

Best Book Bits is simply take a book, read it, study it, find the best book bits, the golden nuggets and present them in a presentation format. Listeners just have to pick the book thier interested in and listen to a summary of the key points. It's makes consuming books faster, easier and gets the information the audience in shorter amounts of time. Listners are highly engaged and are interested in self improvement.


A Podcast Hosted By Comedian Aidan Jones

Since November 2017 Aidan Jones been releasing a podcast every Tuesday. Occasionally he has a guest, but usually recorded solo. Each epsiode is around 30 minutes long and is about the past week. As Aidan is a comedian the aim is to make himself laugh as well as reaching a satisfying understanding of whatever is on his mind.

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