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Station Update: LESH FM, Melbourne's Newest Underground Vibe Setter

Updated: Aug 3

Just like IMN LESH FM was born in 2020 during the early impact of COVID-19.

Quickly LESH FM has gained notoriety in both Melbourne and around the world. We have caught up with the LESH FM team to give the following station update:

What is LESH FM?

LESH FM is a Melbourne based digital radio station being broadcasted from Maidstone Victoria, we're here to provide an alternative Australian sound compared to the mainstream that you hear on commercial FM radio.

LESH does have some international talent however, 95% is Australian from all over the continent, we play EDM to 90’s RNB and even Hip hop as well.

Our Friday is dedicated to RNB and hip hop until 5pm then we pick up back up to EDM and PSY trance.

Where can I tune into the stream?

You can listen to the stream via out website or download the app in your app store: Google Play or the App Store.

Has there been any exciting new updates or news with the station?

We have just ticked over the 12 month mark and created a very stable connection with a high quality server. We are currently uploading all our mixes to YouTube and other streaming services as a reference point however, we are also working to bring new talent to the station all the time.

What is next for LESH?

We are looking to upgrade our DJ roster with new talent and more wider range of genres all the time. We will also to look to work with some record companies to get their artist’s on the air and promote their tracks and dj mixes.

How can I go about submitting my mix or music to get on air?

We are always looking to introduce new talent so head over to the LESH FM website and use the contact us form to connect.

To understand LESH FM's vision, where do you see the station in 5 years time?

Right now, we have a really good baseline and just like anything, you need a really good foundation. We look to work with more and more talent as we get more and more popular but we are also looking at something in the live stream arena that could potentially integrate into the clubs across Melbourne. Still developing the idea and is a work in progress.

Is there anywhere else LESH fans can access music & mixes?

Yes! Currently we are uploading all of our DJ mixes on youtube so make sure that you subscribe to our LESH FM youtube channel to have our mixes at your fingertips to listen on demand!

For brands and advertisers, are there any opportunities or partnerships available to align with LESH FM ?

We absolutely do! In the LESH FM app we have a dedicated and fully customisable advertisement space utilised. This mean brand can be promoted in audio format in the stream but also visually align with us for when listeners use the app.

If you want to explore an advertising opportunity with LESH FM click on the below link and fill the contact form.

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