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Station Update: Football Nation Radio's Die-Hard Fans & Highly Engaged Audience

Football Nation Radio has been one of the Independent Media Network's media partners since 2020.

FNR consistently pulls in a highly volume and loyal listener base which continues to drive results for advertisers.

We thought it was about time to speak with the team and get a station update.

What is Football Nation Radio?

FNR Football Nation Radio is Australia’s first and only football-dedicated digital platform. This revolutionary media outlet commenced on 7 April 2017 and is located in state of the art studios in Docklands, Melbourne.

Featuring a 24 hour live online radio offering, podcast hub and up-to-date social media coverage of Football, FNR is accessible to listeners globally via its app or website, allowing consumers to discuss, debate and celebrate the world’s most popular sport.

FNR is dedicated to compelling football coverage, from the grassroots to elite competitions, both locally and abroad, FNR covers it all.

Where can I tune into the stream?

Has there been any exciting new updates or news with the station?

FNR continues to grow its listenership and more club shows join the platform, whilst attracting and breeding the best football media talent in Australia.

What's next for Football Nation Radio?

FNR is positioning itself to promote football in Australia and will continue developing new content ahead of the 2023 Women's World Cup which will be held across Australia and New Zealand.

How can someone go about getting involved with the station or be part of the conversation?

Contact us at

When talking FNR's vision, where do you see the station in 5 years time?

We expect our audience numbers to triple in five years time as we continue enhancing our programming to deliver the best football coverage of the world game to all listeners in Australia.

Is there anywhere else FNR fans can access previous or historic content?

Head to the Football Nation Radio website, it has links to all of our live shows since inception, via the playlists on soundcloud.

For brands and advertisers, are there any opportunities or partnerships available to align with FNR? What are they?

In addition to regular Ads during live broadcasting, FNR can offer naming rights/broadcasting partnerships across individual shows that can be selected/tailored to the right demographic.

Also, FNR is always seeking broadcasting partners for all its live outside broadcasting of matchday games of local football games where FNR provides live commentary and live streaming of the games across youtube and its social platforms.

Visual branding is also available.

If you're interested to get involved with FNR from a production standpoint contact the team at

Otherwise if you're interested to explore advertising opportunities please contact IMN by following the below link. We can connect your brand with FNR's die-hard and high engaged fans!

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